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Train with Idaho's Expert

Need to complete annual certification of employees for Title VII, ADA, ADEA, or state anti-discrimination laws? Want to obtain individual certificates of training for your employees or managers? Need a qualified trainer to teach workplace best practices to your supervisors? The HR Academy provides all of this and more. 

Why Train with HR Academy?

HR Academy offers the most flexible training program available to businesses and organizations in Idaho, the Pacific Northwest, and nationwide.  With on-site or online options, you can provide your employees, managers, and executive staff with up-to-date employment law trainings that meet your specific needs.  All trainings are also available in Spanish.

Choose from any of our standard trainings, or work with our experts to customize a training specific to your company, organization, or industry.  Tell us what you need, and let us take the work out of HR trainings for you and your staff. Visit our training page for prices and information. Employee and manager training has never been so easy. We’ve got you covered.

Resolve Conflict through mediation

Use mediation to address any type of conflict in your organization. From interpersonal conflicts to contract disputes, mediation can assist parties in resolving their conflicts. Visit our mediation page to learn more. Resolve ongoing conflict in your organization with our expert mediator and mediation services.

Why Mediate with HR Academy?

Dr. Benjamin Earwicker

Dr. Benjamin Earwicker, Ph.D., has successfully mediated dozens of employment law, organizational, and interpersonal disputes.  His empathetic approach to conflict and conflict resolution ensures the best potential for reaching agreement and a way forward.  Dr. Earwicker can help figure out root issues, navigate complex disputes, and assist the parties to reach a mutually acceptable outcome. 

Mediation goes by many names: alternate dispute resolution, conflict resolution, and more.  Unlike arbitration, though, mediation does not require the parties to comply with the decision of an arbiter.  In mediation, our experienced mediator facilitates conversation and guides the parties through a process that will hopefully result in a solution created by and for the parties themselves.  Nothing is required of the parties but willingness to engage and an openness to whatever solutions emerge.  Our mediator brings a fresh perspective and the tools to make that happen. Visit our mediation page for prices and information.

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Look to the Future with Consulting

Unlock the potential of your organization through HR Academy’s consulting services.  Identify and resolve inefficiencies and wasted resources.  Create an action plan for your business, employees, and long-term vision.  Visit our consulting page to learn more. Overcome barriers holding you back. Utilize our consulting services to maximize growth and potential. 

Why Consult with HR Academy?

Like mediation, consulting can address long-standing conflicts or disputes that drag your organization down, sucking up time and resources.  But consulting goes beyond mediation with a proactive, problem-solving approach to any organizational issue, concern, or goal.  Let us help take the mystery out of organizational planning and process improvement.  Visit our consulting page for prices and information.

Dr. Earwicker has the experience and skill to navigate any organizational challenge.  Our consulting services begin with an organizational assessment, looking at strengths and weaknesses, vision and mission, and long-term goals and objectives.  We meet with stakeholders to understand the unique opportunities and challenges your organization faces.  Then, in coordination with your leadership team, we map out a recommended action plan.  Our tested process leads you step-by-step so you can get back to business and meet your goals.

Be the Expert with Our HR Toolkits

Use our power point slides, PDF handouts, and unique case study materials to brief your staff on important state and federal anti-discrimination laws. Explore best practices with your team as you review and role-play scenarios we’ve created just for you. Visit our toolkits page to access all of our free materials. Use our expertly-prepared materials to be the expert.

HR Academy Toolkits

We’ve put together useful digital materials that will help you be the expert as you train and lead your staff. From case studies to scenarios based on actual court cases, our Expert Toolkits are designed to put you in the driver’s seat as you work with employees, managers, and executives in your organization. Let us help you in your next staff meeting, training, or webinar. The HR Academy has the free online resources you need to succeed.