Improve HR Compliance and Manage Risk with Specialized Online Trainings

Schedule online training anywhere at any time.

The HR Academy offers online training anywhere you are, any time you and your staff are ready to train. Unlike self-guided online tutorials, though, our expert training is provided live, in real time, by Dr. Benjamin Earwicker. If you’re tired of expensive computer trainings that offer minimal value to you and your staff, schedule an online training today with the HR Academy. Our dynamic, interactive format ensures maximum employee engagement. Our interesting case studies and tailored approach to each topic make employment law trainings fun and memorable. We provide annual certifications, ongoing training series, and stand-alone risk management courses. Whether you need a general training session or a specific, tailored course, the HR Academy has the experience and resources you need to train your staff.


Frequently asked questions and answers

No. Courses are provided live, in real time, by our expert, Dr. Ben Earwicker. We use several different online service providers such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype for Business to deliver live, online trainings.

Yes, absolutely. In fact, many of our clients have national and international operations, so we offer flexible scheduling for any time zone throughout the United States and worldwide.

All of our employment law training courses can be provided online in a remote format. Trainings range from our general overview and introduction to anti-discrimination employment laws to industry-specific, customized training courses designed with and for you and your staff.  

Because our online trainings are offered live, in real time, we replicate the effectiveness of in-person trainings. Although some prefer to have in-person training courses, sometimes that is not logistically possible. Online, remote trainings are structured to engage participants in real-life scenarios and interactive processes, much like our in-person sessions. And even though the format may be different, the outcomes are the same.

Yes. We provide all of our training materials in PDF format so you can use them electronically or print them for later use. 

Each online training can support an unlimited number of participants. Ideally, though, for maximum impact and effectiveness, we recommend that trainings for more than 200 participants be divided into multiple sessions. Our trainings consist of a base fee and per participant cost, but we also offer discounts for multiple sections of a single training. Visit our main training page for training and participant costs.

Annual certification and participation certificates may be purchased for $5 per person. For each training, you provide the list of participants and we provide signed and dated certificates.