Conflict Resolution

A New Chapter

Conflict can affect any organization, business venture, or transaction.  How effectively you deal with conflict in your organization depends on the tools you apply.  Mediation with our qualified, trained, and experienced mediator can assist in breaking through impasse, resolving disputes, and writing a new chapter in your organization’s history.  Don’t let conflict take up any more of your time and resources.  Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation for mediation services.

Mediation Pricing

Prices include all mediation services, from pre-convening consultation through post-mediation settlement work.

Initial Consultation

$ 99
One Time Fee
  • 60 Minutes
  • Consultation covers the nature and extent of conflict and goals for all parties involved
  • No obligation to continue with mediation services

Hourly Cost

$ 150
Per Hour
  • Parties determine & agree upon mediation scheduling
  • Total hours depend on nature and extent of conflict, agreement of the parties
  • Billing can be divided

Why Mediate with HR Academy?

Dr. Benjamin Earwicker

Dr. Benjamin Earwicker, Ph.D., has successfully mediated dozens of employment law, organizational, and interpersonal disputes.  His empathetic approach to conflict and conflict resolution ensures the best potential for reaching agreement and a way forward.  Dr. Earwicker can help figure out root issues, navigate complex disputes, and assist the parties to reach a mutually acceptable outcome. 

Mediation goes by many names: alternate dispute resolution, conflict resolution, and more.  Unlike arbitration, though, mediation does not require the parties to comply with the decision of an arbiter.  In mediation, our experienced mediator facilitates conversation and guides the parties through a process that will hopefully result in a solution created by and for the parties themselves.  Nothing is required of the parties but willingness to engage and an openness to whatever solutions emerge.  Our mediator brings a fresh perspective and the tools to make that happen.

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